Postnatal care following the birth of your baby

What happens after I deliver my baby?

Following delivery at Launceston General Hospital, your baby will be examined by either your Obstetrician or the Paediatric doctors (if indicated) within the first 24 hours. Your baby is weighed and we encourage skin to skin contact as early as possible and to establish breast feeding. Your baby will be given a Vitamin K injection and a Hepatitis B immunisation if you have consented for these.  

Postnatal Care Options

Following the birth of your baby, your postnatal care will be at the LGH Postnatal Ward. There are 5 private rooms and 4 single bed rooms at the Postnatal unit. 

Unfortunately, effective January 2017, there will be no option to transfer to the postnatal unit at St Vincent's Hospital.

Patients who have their private health cover with St Luke's Health have the option to tranfer to a hotel.

What happens in the postnatal period?

During the postnatal period, your obstetrician will ensure that there are no ongoing issues with your health following delivery. This is a challenging, yet exciting and rewarding period for new and returning mums. Postnatal staff at the LGH are very well trained with breast feeding advice and ensuring that you receive high quality care. A visit by a Lactation Consultant can be organised if required.

Following a Caeserean section, your hospital stay is usually 4-5 days. Returning mums may choose an earlier discharge if there are no concerns with feeding and if your baby is healthy.

Planning your discharge home

A final baby check is done and your baby's handheld record will be completed. Your obstetrician will check your perineal or C-Section wound and advise on appropriate ongoing care.

Any postnatal discharge medications will be prescribed as needed. If you require contraception at home, your doctor will discuss this with you as well. Most patients will have a think about what they would like to do in terms of family planning and pregnancy spacing, and at your 6 week postnatal review at our Rooms, your preference for contraception can be discussed with your doctor.  

Postnatal Appointment

Your obstetrician will see 6 weeks after your delivery for a a postnatal check. This usually involves checking your C Section wound, episiotomy stitches and doing a cervical smear test if indicated. 

It also gives you an opportunity to discuss any questions you may have about your labour and birthing journey (eg if you had an assisted birth, emergency Caesarean section, any issues in the immediate postnatal period etc).

If you have a PICO dressing applied at the time of your C Section, our midwife/nurse will see you within 10 days of your Caesarean operation to removed the dressing and ensure your wound is healing well.

Some patients will choose to have a Mirena inserted for contraception at their postanatal visit. Please let our staff know so that this can be arranged to take place during your postnatal appointment.