Tamar O&G offers our North and North West patients skills in minimally invasive keyhole surgery and pelvic floor surgery for prolapse in addition to general gynaceological procedures.

You will need a valid referral from your GP prior to your gynaecology consult with our doctors. This is to help prioritise your appointment and ensure you have had the relevant blood tests and/or imaging prior to being seen.

If you are privately insured, your gynaecological procedure will be at Calvary St Vincent's Hospital. Public patients will have their surgery at the Launceston General Hospital. Sometimes, if you have a challenging pre existing medical condition that may impact on your procedure or the recovery process, or may need a post operative ICU bed, you may be asked to have your procedure at the LGH even if you are privately insured.

Dates are usually assigned for private patients on the day of consenting at the Rooms. Our LGH patients will be advised by the Bookings and Admissions Office at LGH closer to their procedure date.

You may be asked to have pre operative bloods done, including investigations involving ECG (an assessment of the rhythm of your heart), ultrasound or advanced imaging prior to your operation. If you have a complex medical history, you may be asked to see an Anaesthetist for an assessment prior to your surgery to ensure you are safe to receive an anaesthetic.

Our reception staff will provide you with contact details of the anaesthetist and provide you with further information when you book for your surgery.

If you have been wait-listed for a procedure and are experiencing worsening symptoms, please call us to discuss your condition.