Below are common questions you may have regarding our services at Tamar O&G.

Is there parking at your site?

Yes, we have ample car parking spaces around Ashton Gate House. There are 11 onsite car park spaces and 11 3-hour car parking spaces (unmetered). A disabled parking space is  located closer to the entry of the building on High Street.

I have a mobility issue and use a motorised chair / wheelchair. How do I access your premises from the car park?

Please park at the disabled spot and make your way to the front entrance via the ramped pathway. Alternatively, there is a side entrance that will lead you directly to the reception counter. It may be helpful to call us prior to your appointment so we can greet you and help assist your needs.

What are your opening times? 

Tamar O&G is open Monday to Thursday 9am to 5 pm. Our doctors and nurse are on site from Monday to Thursday. We are closed on Fridays, weekends, and public holidays.

Can I make an appointment without a referral?

You need a referral prior to any appointments being arranged to see one of our doctors. This will help prioritise your appointment time and organise any further testing that may be required prior to your first consult.

What happens if I'm running late for my appointment or have to cancel my appointment?

We understand sometimes, due to traffic etc, you may be running late for your appointment. Please call us and advise us so we can ensure you do not have to wait too long to be seen when you arrive for your consult. If you cannot make your appointment on the day, please let us know so that your spot can be given to our wait-list patients.

What happens if the doctors are running late or behind time?

Sometimes, our doctors may be called away to attend to birthing patients, perform a procedure, or they may be delayed spending time with a challenging consult. It is always a good idea to call 30 mins prior to your appointment to enquire if there is any significant delays.

I have an urgent query to ask the doctors / nurse about my care at Tamar O&G outside your opening hours. What should I do?

If the matter is urgent, or you are in pain, bleeding heavily or unwell, please either call your GP or the Emergency Department at LGH on 6777.6777. Alternatively, if your query is non urgent, please call us and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. If you have an obstetric related query that is urgent, please call the Birthing Suite on 6777.8960

What services are offered at your Practice?

In addition to general obstetrics gynaecology and fertility, we provide advanced laparoscopy (key hole)  and pelvic floor surgery, vaginal laser treatment and colposcopy.

Is termination of pregnancy offered at Tamar O&G?

We do not offer this service on site. For more information on the service provider that offers termination of pregnancy, please click here.

Do you see patients that are not privately insured?

Yes, we see patients that do not have private health insurance. Please call us for fees and charges so that you are aware of your out of pocket expenses. If you are are not privately insured and need an operation, our doctors perform surgery at LGH and will usually place you on their public wait list. There is a specialist registrar in training that performs the surgery with our Consultants under close supervision.

I am pregnant and am not insured. Do you see uninsured antenatal patients?

If you are not insured and would like to have obstetric care with us, you may qualify for the shared care model. Please discuss fees and charges with our reception staff.


Where do you perform gynaecological surgery on privately funded patients?

Your surgery will be at Calvary St Vincent's Hospital in Frederick Street. However, some procedures are not offered at St Vincent's Hospital, or you may have complex care needs and may need to have your surgery at LGH. You can still have your procedure as a private patients at LGH. You will be advised by our doctors if this may be best for you.

Is there an out of pocket expense if I need surgery privately?

Yes, please speak to us regarding fees and charges.

What about medical leave covering me for the post operative recovery?

Please call our rooms after your surgery and we will post out your medical leave certificate. The same applies if your partner needs a carer's certificate. Alternatively, you can arrange to pick this up from our rooms if you wish.

What do I do if I am experiencing contractions and am booked for an elective C Section?

Call the Birthing Suite in 6777.8960 and make your way to Level 4, LGH to the Birthing Suite where you will be assessed. Your obstetrician will be notified and will arrange for you to be seen and assessed.

I have postnatal issues and need some help. Do I call Tamar O&G?

If you have been discharged from hospital and have issues with severe bleeding, acute pain or feel very unwell, you should call your GP or present to the Emergency Department at LGH. If you have concerns about the amount of bleeding, mastitis (breast engorgement and inflammation), you can call Birthing Suite on 6777.8960 and speak to a Midwife who is available 24 hours. You may be asked to come in to the hospital for a review or to present to your GP. You can contact us Monday to Thursday, between 9 am to 5 pm if you have any queries. Please note we do not provide paediatric advise if your baby is unwell.

What happens after I have had blood tests and / or an ultrasound done? Will someone call me with the results?

All test results are checked online at the end of the day by our doctors. Some test results may take a couple of days before they are reported. You will only get a call from us if your results are abnormal or if further testing is needed. If you do not receive a call from us, your results are normal. However, if you are worried about any test results and have not heard from us, you are welcome to call us Monday to Thursday 9 am to 5 pm to enquire your test results.

If you have an abnormal result, you will receive a call from us with further instructions if necessary. You may be asked to come in to speak to our doctors to discuss the results, or may be sent a blood form / imaging request for further testing prior to being seen for a review. 

If you have any concerns about a test that was done and wish to know the results earlier, please call us.

I was given a prescription and have lost it. Can I call for a repeat script?

Yes, you can. However, there is a small fee for a repeat script to be issued.